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Building Material
An Intelligent Plant that Reduces Production Costs and Improves Operational Efficiency
SUPCON Makes Your Plants More Intelligent
Based on the deep understanding of the process automation, as well as a senior experts team and rich experience in project implementation, SUPCON provide complete intelligent plant solutions for cement, glass, fiberglass, ceramics customers in building materials industry.

SUPCON help customers to achieve digitalization and informatization while completing basic automation, and ultimately improve the overall operation and management efficiency and reduce enterprise costs.
Create a Multi-Dimensional Intelligent Plant Solution
During the enterprise operation, customers in the building materials industry will face the problems of large energy consumption, low management efficiency and high personnel cost, which have a lot impact on the long-term and healthy development of enterprises.
In order to help customers to solve the problems encountered in enterprise operation, SUPCON has put forward its own solutions for building materials industry. Combined with our own advantages in process automation and a professional team of industry experts, we believe that we should start from the upstream supply chain, to the safety and environmental protection of enterprises, and seek optimization from the whole process of enterprise operation.
SUPCON solutions involve supply chain optimization, dynamic cost control, reduction of personnel and consumption, cleaning and efficiency improvement, safety production, marketing and sales coordination and other links, and relying on automation, digitization, information technology and the whole plant visualization technology, to achieve intelligent operation of the plant.
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