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SUPCON Helps Saudi Aramco to Build a Smarter and Safer Working Community

Recently, SUPCON has won 2 projects from Saudi Aramco: Comprehensive HSE Monitoring System and Future Community Digital Customer Experience Center, both aiming to support Aramco in constructing a safer, smarter, and more efficient working community.

Comprehensive HSE Monitoring System


Based on Saudi Aramco's corporate environmental and occupational health management standards, combing successful experience in HSE management especially during the pandemic time during 2020~2022, SUPCON has offered a highly concerns-specific, approachable and intelligent solution.


Leveraging information technology and digitalization tools, the project will implement an IoT architecture interconnecting the edge intelligent devices, cloud platforms, and mobile applications, fostering the all-round synergy in resource management, data integration, dispatching collaboration, and application coordination, thus to facilitate the automation of HSE relevant workflows.

Future Community Digital Customer Experience Center

Aligned with Saudi Arabia's "2030 Vision" and Saudi Aramco's digital transformation strategy, the future community project focuses on safety, life quality, well-being and cost optimization. aiming to create a top-tier smart working community with intelligent technologies and advanced data services by 2025.


This initiative will be realized on the myCommunitySA APP, which will establish cloud-based digital marketing and customer experience services for the community. Utilizing the technologies of artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, it will meet the user demands for highly customized one-stop services and rapid iterations, accelerating Saudi Aramco's breakthrough in cross-domain collaboration and integrated application of CSDT digital transformation.

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