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SUPCON Wins Jinhua City Wastewater Treatment Plant (Phase III) Project

March 25, SUPCON won the Qiubin Wastewater Treatment Plant (phase III) project for Jinhua city.

The plant will adopt AAO (Anaerobic - Anoxic - Oxic) process, coagulation and filtration method, and ultraviolet disinfection method for water treatment, so that the quality of water will comply with national Grade 1A discharge standard.

With a scale of 80,000t/d, the project is planned to construct a series of facilities including a fine screen, an aerated grit chamber, an AAO biological reaction and sedimentation tank, an efficient sedimentation tank, a filter, and a disinfection room. Meanwhile, SUPCON will carry out the revamping work for the phase I of the plant, and other two pumping stations.

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