PetroChina Guangdong × SUPCON

PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Company Refining-Chemical Integration Project (hereinafter referred to as“the project”) is the refining and chemical project with the largest one-time investment by PetroChina. Covering an area of 920 hectares, the world-class mega refining-chemical project is the only base in China and abroad capable of processing all low-quality heavy crude oil. The project's construction scale is massive with an expected production capacity of 400,000 bpd of refinery, 1.2 million t/a of ethylene, 2.6 million t/a of aromatics complex, and 600,000 t/a of ABS. It marks PetroChina’s commitment to the integration of moving the refining and chemical business in China toward the middle-to-high end of the industrial chain and value chain.



Supporting Full-process Operation

The construction of a high-end and intelligent plant has become essential to the project. SUPCON has delivered nine sections, including the Distributed Control System (DCS), Instrument Asset Management System (IAMS), Control Data Platform (CDP), Advanced Process Control (APC), Analyzer Maintenance and Data Acquisition System (AMADAS), Storage and Transportation Automation, Operator Training Simulator (OTS), Control System Network Security, and Instrumentation Intelligence. The control scale of the whole project reaches 170,000 I/Os, 2165 cabinets, 1210 consoles, 277 pairs of controllers, 13924 I/O modules, and 178 sets of servers, providing strong support for the continuous stable, safe, and efficient operation of the project.


SUPCON "1·3·5 Customer's Value Creation Model" 

Adhering to self-dependent innovation, focusing on customer value creation and key industry challenges, SUPCON builds the "1·3·5 Customer’s Value Creation Model" for Industry  4.0, continuously strengthening the underlying support, forging product technology platforms, and innovating ecological models. By adopting SUPCON’s new generation of Intelligent Operation Management & Control System, unified database of Industrial Operating System, and industrial softwares, it empowers a wide connection and highly efficient cooperation of the plant's professionals in different functions, and deep integration of “control + optimization + management”, which not only ensures the safe and stable operation of all equipment, but also improves the unit operation efficiency and reduces operation & maintenance costs, creating an intelligent and cost-effective refining-petrochemical base.



World-leading PMO Management Model

The fine management of project scope, cost, schedule, quality, manpower and risks are strictly implemented throughout the five key phases of the project, namely initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure; the standardized and intelligent project implementation process is ensured to control the quality of the project strictly. As an intelligent automation solution provider for process industries, SUPCON has been empowering PetroChina Guangdong with a benchmark project in the facet of the MAC Systems Project, opening up a broader world for the application of technology and equipment.

With the successful operation of the project, SUPCON process automation and digitalization technologies and products have once again been validated in large-scale intelligent plant projects, which has boosted the confidence and will continue to support the further progress of the project. SUPCON is steadfast in its commitment to constructing a world-class, low-carbon, and intelligent refining and chemical base. With a focus on accelerating the core competitiveness of the process industry, SUPCON aims to become a backbone in the construction of giant-scale projects and remains dedicated to the intelligent transformation of global refining and chemical enterprises, driving them forward with unwavering determination and ambition.

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