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The Power of Cooperation - SUPCON Receives Thanks Letter from Nov¨¢k Pape

Apr 4, 2019 SUPCON overseas team received a thanks letter from Novák Paper Company, commending the professional service and perfect performance of SUPCON Distributed Control System (DCS) in their tissue paper machine project.

In 2015, SUPCON provided the InPlant Total Solution including Distributed Control System(DCS), Instrument, Motor Control Center(MCC) and Transmission System. In early 2019, in order to improve the quality and reduce the cost, Novák Paper introduced a scanner from Germany to detect the real-time parameters such as paper moisture, weight, width, gray-scale,etc SUPCON responded quickly to the customers’ transformation need and timely offered the control solution. 

After put into use, it reduced the work loadby automatically controlling the paper weight and moisture. The steam consumption was cut obviously; the production cost was reduced. and the product quality was improved.

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