SUPCON Robot Explores the Secret World of Underground Power Tunnel
Since July, SUPCON intelligent overhead rail type inspection robots have been shuttling in the underground power tunnel to help collect the on-site data instead of manual inspection. This is also the first time for inspection robots to achieve 90 degree vertical-lift operations in China. Regarding its significant meaning to the development of Chinese industrial robots, the China Energy News (a newspaper under People's Daily - world’s top 10 news media) has reported this project.

With a length of 4,600 kilometers, this tunnel is so far Asia's longest underground tunnel that uses a robot. In the past, workers had to go down this dark, wet and muggy underground tunnel by themselves several times a day to check the site conditions, and each time, a worker had to spend 1 hour to go through the whole tunnel.

Traveling along the tunnel is not an easy thing for the robots as there are many obstacles waiting for them such as fire doors, corners, slopes, etc. Once reaches a spot, the robots will read and check all kinds of instruments, the environmental conditions and equipment operation conditions, and report to the management station. If there were a fire, the inspection robot will immediately notify the fire-fighting robots.

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