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SUPCON Receives MIKE 2023 Award for Innovation and Knowledge Excellence

December 15,Global MIKE Study Group unveiled the Global MIKE Award Winners. SUPCON, among other 21 prestigious enterprises, each contributing significantly to the rich tapestry of knowledge and innovation, has stood out. This accolade, Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise, stemming from the original Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award initiated by Mr. Rory Chase of Teleos in 1998, recognizes SUPCON's exceptional commitment to innovation and knowledge excellence.


as a leading automation technology company, SUPCON places significant emphasis on innovation and knowledge management. The commitment is evident through the allocation of over 10% of annual revenue towards R&D each year. Proven practices, such as the development of a self-designed Knowledge Management System (KMS) within the OA system, facilitate widespread knowledge sharing and accumulation throughout the organization.


This award is a testament to SUPCON's efforts and achievements but also sets the stage for a future marked by continuous improvement and a relentless pursuit of excellence in both innovation and knowledge management. 

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