SUPCON Helps SINOPEC Jiujiang Company to Realize Real Time Optimization of the Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Unit

Dec 1, the RTOonline closed loop real time optimization systemfor the 1# atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit of SINPOEC Jiujiang Company implemented by SUPCON was put into operation smoothly.

The system applies molecular mechanism modelingadopting 1 unit-level model covering 8 intermediate-level sub-models, 1 price system module and 1 public engineering module. Taking simultaneous equation algorithm as the calculation strategy, the model generates 63,275 variables and 55,834 mechanism model equations, meanwhile it mitigates the modeling deviation by acquiring data from DCS (distributed control system) and NMR (on-line nuclear magnetic resonance) from the real time database - SUPCON ESP-ISYS, thus realizing the maximum non-distortion of the model and process optimization based on it. As an indispensable bridge between APC (advanced process control) and production scheduling, RTO plays significant part of the economic beneficial decisions at the plant level.

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