SUPCON in 2nd World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit
Shi Yiming, President of SUPCON Group shares idea of Internet+Dec 16-18, SUPCON was invited to participate in the 2nd World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (WIC), to showcase its technologies and achievements of smart plant solution, information security solutions and inspection robots, etc.
The theme of this year is “An Interconnected World Shared and Governed by All - Building a Cyberspace Community of Shared Destiny”.
President Xi Jinping attended and delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. More than 2,000 government officials, organization leaders and entrepreneurs from home and abroad discussed Internet governance and explored cyberspace cooperation during the meeting.
Inside the summit - SUPCON shares idea of Internet+:
Dec 17, SUPCON joined with over 380 experts, leaders and representatives of business, political and technical fields, attended the forum of “Internet+” to discuss together on issues from economy, manufacturing to service and innovation.
Mr. Shi Yiming, President of SUPCON Group, and other 18 SUPCON company leaders, industry experts and technical personnel participated in the forum.
Shi pointed out that, under the trends of intelligent manufacturing, the changes for production-oriented enterprises mainly lies in the intelligentialize of the product, equipment, manufacturing process and service. He also explained the safeguard measures for the safety, reliability and effectiveness of control systems through international cooperation, introduction of third party testing institutions, and standardization of suppliers.
Outside the summit - SUPCON guarantees safety:
Meantime of the summit, SUPCON undertook tasks of intelligent traffic security for the city.
The intelligent transportation integrated command platform built by SUPCON contains 54 signals, 200-loop traffic video surveillance, and 7 high altitude surveillances.

During the conference, SUPCON project team carried out operations of more than 50 times the State 1st class enhanced, 1st class, and 2nd Class Guard, to guarantee a safe and smooth pass of all participants and visitors, including the Chinese and foreign government leaders and business representatives.

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