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SUPCON’s Founder Jian Chu Honored as Pioneer Figure of China’s Software Industry for 40 Years

On April 24th, the 3rd China International Software Development Conference, along with the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the China Software Industry Association, was grandly opened at the Beijing National Convention Center, hosted by the Association.


Professor Jian Chu, the founder of SUPCON and founder & dean of the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute, was honored as the "Pioneer Figure of China's Software Industry for 40 Years." Additionally, SUPCON was awarded multiple accolades, including "Contributing Enterprise of China's Software Industry for 40 Years" and "Leading Enterprise in Platform Software in the Software Industry for 2024."


Furthermore, Professor Jian Chu was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the conference’s main forum, titled “Driving the Development of Intelligent Plants with Industrial Software.” He elaborated on SUPCON’s dedication to fulfilling the core needs of safety, quality, low-carbon, and benefit in the process industry over the years. This was achieved through its innovative “1+2+N” Intelligent Plant Architecture and a product technology system based on four databases and a unified intelligent engine.


Professor Jian Chu emphasized, "The industrial transformation, particularly within the process industry, is intricately linked to software, encompassing critical areas like digital transformation, AI application, supplychain resilience, and sustainable development." Over the past 30 years, SUPCON has consistently made breakthroughs, focusing on key industry demands to accelerate industrial software development. This has resulted in a diverse product line and robust innovation capabilities. SUPCON has independently developed a series of core industrial software, including APC, ISYS, PID, LIMS, EMS, SES, SCADA, OTS, AAS, RTO, and APS, creating a comprehensive portfolio of industrial software products.


In recent years, SUPCON has intensified its R&D efforts in foundational software. The newly launched Advanced Process Engineering eXpert (APEX) stands out in leading industrial digitalization and intelligentization. Professor Jian Chu stated, "This achievement gives us greater confidence in developing foundational, core industrial software that represents the future direction of the industry."

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