SUPCON Cooporates wtih Pertamina at the Catalytic Reforming Pilot Plant Project

August 15th, SUPCON cooporated wtih PT Pertamina (Persero) at its catalytic reforming pilot plant project. It helped to secure the refinery process more safe, green and advanced by SUPCON automation control solutions, including the control system, electrical cabinet, field instruments and etc. As one of China’s leading provider of automation and solution, SUPCON will help to accelerate the catalyst development process in R&T Center Pertamina to achieve commercial success.

Pertamina has now journeyed with over six decades of experience in the energy industry. The government regulated the role of Pertamina so as to produce and process oil and gas from oil fields as well to provide for the fuel and gas demands in Indonesia in1971. Research & Technology Center Pertamina has long been involved in developing catalyst for refinery processes, particularly to be used in its own refineries. Pilot plant is one of the key facilities in developing the process and catalysts.

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