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SUPCON CMC Configuration Software Passes IEC61131-3 Base Level

Oct 9, SUPCON CMC Configuration Software passed the IEC61131-3 Base Level certification awarded by Institut für Automation und Kommunikation (hereafter “ifak”), world’s only authorized third party qualification institute for this standard. CMC is China’s first software that passes IEC61131-3 standard, it is also a core achievement of the “State High-Tech Development Plan Programs”.

The IEC 61131-3 standard is the 3rd part of IEC 61131, which was published in 1993 by the International Electrotechnical Commission. It details the languages and common elements used in programming with the standard. 

It took the assessment team a month to complete the comprehensive and rigorous evaluations in Germany and China. The valuation measures include all kinds of technical communication, bug fixing, over 500 cases writing and testing, 4 programming languages testing - IL (Instruction List), ST (Structured Text), SFC (Sequential Function Chart), FDB (Function Block Diagram), and independent regression testing.

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