SUPCON Completes the Full Acquisition of Hobré

SUPCON (688777.SH, SUPCON.SW) , a leading process automation and business automation technology company, has completed the full acquisition of Hobré International, including its fully owned subsidiaries Hobré USA and Hobré Laser Technologies.


This acquisition marks an exciting journey of collaboration and wider market landscape of the industry. 


With nearly 40 subsidiaries and branches worldwide, SUPCON is offering a wide range of products and solutions such as DCS, PLC, SIS, field instrumentation, control valves, industrial software for global process industry companies across various sectors, including oil & gas, refinery & petrochemical, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, building materials, pulp & paper, and food & beverage.  


Hobré is a global market leader in online analyzers, sample systems and integrated product solutions, with major customers in the petrochemical, gas transportation, and upstream oil and gas industries. Currently, it has established a complete marketing and service system covering Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, China and other regions. Its core products such as calorific value analyzer, laser gas analyzer, non-dispersive infrared analyzer, XRF fluorescence spectroscopy analyzer, Raman analyzer and others are at the international forefront of technology and R&D.


Throughout this partnership, SUPCON plans to maintain the independence of the Hobré brand, organizational structure and management team. The combination of SUPCON's extensive experience in automation & digital transformation solutions with Hobré's exceptional capabilities in analytical solutions will forge a more complete business line from field intellisense to autonomous operation and enterprise synergistic management, providing stronger impetus for further expansion of the products line and business ecosystem, and better serve the clients globally.

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