SUPCON Embraces Myanmar Students

March 20th, 2019 more than 30 Myanmar teachers and students from the College of Mechanical and Electrical Technology visited the SUPCON Park.

In SUPCON Technology Experience Center, it shows the Intelligent Plant major product package, including DCS star product ECS-700, and SIS product TCS-900, field instruments, control valves, etc. To bring the visitors authentic experience and perception, Human Robot interaction and VR devices are adopted, also experiences the CCR(Center Control Room) simulation for DCS operation. Visitors were amazed by the development of Chinese technology and artificial intelligence. They expressed their great interest in the high-tech products, meanwhile admired SUPCON independent innovation and remarkable achievements in Smart Operation field including City Brain, Comprehensive Traffic Management, etc.

SUPCON has always been committed to the development of talent education, and will continue to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation.

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