SUPCON Gives a Keynote Speech on 2015 Central China Smart Water Affairs Seminar

June 26-27, the 2015th Central China Smart Water Affairs, Water Works & Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Exhibition and Seminar is successfully held in Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Center.

The event is aimed to promote the development of the water industry as well as the construction of smart water affairs, water works in central China.

Zhang Boli, Senior Vice President of SUPCON Information Technology Co., Ltd., together with 9 SUPCON experts were invited to this event.

During the seminar, Zhang made a keynote speech of “SUPCON Total Solution for Smart Water Affairs”. He presented the overall condition of SUPCON, and elaborated the application and achievement of the solution in water affairs industry. The speech raised great interest among the audience that more than 50 peers in water affairs came to him for more information.

The event had brought new opportunities for the water industry in central China by showcasing advanced water treatment technology and solutions, and providing a platform for information exchange.
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