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Machinery Protection System
As energy consumption in process industry continues to grow, security production in petroleum, chemical and power industries and hazard control are particularly important. The security of key mechanical equipment is an extremely important part of improving work safety and the fault-free production time.
With the development of information technology, enterprises are increasingly concerned about the mechanical equipment management system. SUPCON provides users with complete Machinery Protection System with the below function that meet industry standards: Data collection, Control execution, Event list, Trend and data analysis, Fault diagnosis.
Your Benefits
High level of integration
The general monitoring module integrates key phase input, relay output, safety barrier, Modbus communication and VGA display functions, which greatly reduces the integration cost, reduces the construction difficulty and improves the convenience of system maintenance.
Integration of detection and protection
The system integrates vibration protection with condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in the standard framework, and realizes the integration of protection and monitoring.
High reliability and availability
The reliability design includes redundancy of power supply, triple redundancy of internal communication, triple redundancy of monitoring module and electrical isolation of input and output signals, which greatly improves the reliability and availability of the system.
Generalize modules
The monitoring module is suitable for different types of monitoring, such as shaft vibration, shaft displacement, process quantity and speed, etc. It can also be compatible with all kinds of sensors and provide standard Modbus communication and VGA display interface.
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