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SUPCON Wins 2022 Ram Charan Management Practice Award by Harvard Business Review

November 9-10, the Harvard Business Review Annual China Conference was held in Beijing with the theme of "New Century, New Change, New Management", inviting the most prestigious thinkers and managers from China and around the world to gather together. SUPCON was recognized by “Ram Charan Management Practice Award for Innovative Entrepreneurial Practice 2022” --“‘5S Store+ S2B Platform’ One-stop New Industrial Service Model” that stands out from nearly 300 participating cases.

SUPCON “5S Store” refer to Sales, Spare parts, Service, Specialists, and Solutions. At present, there are more than 150 5S stores in 616 major chemical parks nationwide, providing 24-hour all-round services. The “S2B Platform”, the Service to Business online mall, creates a one-stop industrial service platform that continues to create value for the ecosystem through industrial big data technology, AIoT technology and the industry knowledge base.


SUPCON “5S Store+S2B Platform” is seamlessly connected with "User + Platform + Supplier", helping users to build a new ecological construction of zero-inventory, asset-light, and trouser-free industrial parts service. With more flexible and efficient resource allocation and cooperation mechanism, it provides customers with immediate and comprehensive personalized services.


Based on the new business model of "5S store + S2B platform + three-tier storage system", SUPCON makes full use of its powerful commodity solutions, high-quality supply chain and intelligent local solutions from the actual pain points faced by customers. With distinctive innovative operation management including joint storage and preparation, collection and procurement, supply chain finance, etc., SUPCON helps enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency through digital means.


About Ram Charan Management Practice Award

The "Ram Charan Award for Management Practice" is a non-profit award jointly launched by Harvard Business Review China and Mr. Ram Charan, a world-renowned management consultant, in 2017, representing the highest honor for management practice in China.The award is based on five dimensions: Perspectiveness, Effectiveness, Sustainability, Value of Reference, and Leadership, and is scored by the jury and top scholars from leading business schools in China.

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