5T Fusion Enables Intelligent Control of Continuous Reaction in Organic Silicon Synthesis Unit

Recently, the organic silicon synthesis unit MCS intelligent control project collaborated by SUPCON and Zhejiang Xinan Momentive Performance Materials has successfully proved multiple technology breakthroughs.

The organic silicon synthesis unit, as a typical continuous reactor, features multiple process variations, evident production lags, dynamic operating conditions and raw material changes. Additionally, the scarcity of sample information increases the difficulty of control. Guided by SUPCON 5T Fusion Philosophy, the project integrates IT+PT+AT, combines AI + process mechanisms + control theory, and built an intelligent control model with advanced self-learning capabilities and highly accurate predictive capabilities . It enables online adaptive adjustments and also automatically optimizes phased control strategies, which ensures the controlled object reaches predefined goals optimally even in most complex and dynamic production conditions. Moreover, it possesses the ability to accurately predict and effectively control key indicators, significantly enhancing industrial control stability and efficiency.

Project Phase 1 (24m+ in operation):


l Reduced temperature fluctuation by 35%.

l No need for algorithm maintenance during operation.

l Successfully addressed challenges of multiple raw material changes, proving the outstanding self-learning, robustness, and low maintenance of the intelligent control algorithm.

Project Phase 2 (10m+ in operation):


l Reduced fluctuation by 32% for two key indicators.

l Significantly extended system uptime, and reduced maintenance frequency, achieving a significant increase in annual yield. Concurrently achieved a notable decrease in waste water volume.


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