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SUPCON at 2018 China Industrial Internet Industry Conference

Dec 4, 2018 China Industrial Internet Industry Conference was opened in Shanghai. It’s held by China Electronics Standardization Institute, China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team and CIO Times. Nearly 600 experts and guests from the industrial manufacturing and Internet industries attended the conference. Mr.Zhao Lujun, the Deputy General Manager of SUPCON Information Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions Based on Industrial Internet.

Mr. Zhao Lujun elaborated the viewpoints of SUPCON on how industrial Internet can help enterprises in production, pointed out many problems existing in the transformation of manufacturing enterprises and made a systematic and scientific analysis. He also introduced the methodology and philosophy of SUPCON InPlant Solution,and its supporting technologies, selected products, systematic subset solutions and comprehensive sevice tailored for all ranges of process industries.

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