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SUPCON APC for Anhui Huayi Chemical Passes Acceptance Test

Nov 23th, the second phase of APC (Advanced Process Control) system for the boiler unit of Anhui Huayi Chemical Co., Ltd. passed acceptance test.


The project comprises of two phases. The first phase was APC for a 1×150T/H CFBB (circulating fluidized bed boiler unit). The second phase was APC for a 2×150T/H CFBB. After accomplish, it realized the process optimization of the main-pipeline unit of the circulating fluidized bed boiler, which was a commonly acknowledged industry problem. The automatic operation rate of the project exceeded 90%. The average fluctuation range dropped by 30%. The coal consumption decreased by over 1%. (information provided by Anhui Huayi Chemical Co., Ltd. )


Mr Li Wenzhen, Chief Engineer of Anhui Huayi Chemical Co., Ltd, was very satisfied with the mature technical solution and experienced engineering capability of SUPCON, “we’d be very delighted to work more closely with SUPCON in process control and optimization in the future."


Anhui Huayi Chemical Co., Ltd is a state-owned coal chemical plant co-invested by Shanghai Huayi Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. and Huaibei Coal Group. Its 600,000t/a methanol, 500,000 t/a acetic acid, 300,000 t/a acetic ether and their supporting facilities have all been put into operation, and the annual output value is around 4billion RMB (605 million).


The plant, adopting closed process flow, all-around security & environment surveillance and advanced process control system, aims to build a circular economy demonstration of coal chemical industry chain.

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