Dec 18, SINOPEC announced that SUPCON won the long-distance natural gas pipeline SCADA system project for the outstanding performance of SUPCON’s software platform, as well as its extensive project management experience, in-depth understanding of process features and favorable technical solutions.

Natural gas is an important component of national energy, its strategic security relates to the national economy and social development. As a key project of the “National 11th Five-year Plan”, the project is regarded a milestone in the development of SINOPEC’s natural gas business. 

With a length of 580 kilometers, the system is designed with 5 pipelines including 10 distributing (pigging) stations and 31 valve stations (13 RTU valve stations). The project will run through 1 direct-controlled municipality, 2 industrial powerhouses of China, and across 38 large and medium-sized rivers, 62 highways, and 14 railways.

SCADA system is the core automation platform of long-distance pipeline projects, which requires an extremely high demand of openness, safety, reliability and stability. SUPCON proposed an expansible and reliable large scale SCADA system to achieve centralized monitoring, controlling and management of all the pipelines in the area. Meanwhile, SUPCON adopts VxSCADA HMI software and VxHistorian large scale database (for overall deployment and real-time monitoring) specifically to fulfill the technical demand in administration center and station control.

“We have matured world’s advanced industrial-grade large distributed SCADA system products with our own independent intellectual property rights. These software packages can be used on multiple operating system platforms, and the database can support millions of I/O points,” said Mr. Wang Changzheng, SCADA Product Manager of SUPCON.

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