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SUPCON Founder Chu Jian Probes into Industrial Control Systems Information Security

ICSIS (Industrial Control Systems Information Security Industry Alliance) released the TOP 10 Annual Original Articles. Interpretation of ‘Industrial Control Systems Information Security Plan’ by Mr. Chu Jian, Founder of SUPCON, was selected.

“... Industrial Control Systems Information Security Plan has a high strategic significance. It lays a solid foundation for China's strategy of enhancing industrial network power, and comprehensively guarantees the safe and stable operation of national economy...”Chu Jian wrote, “It should be Implemented separately in different industries and different regions, which requires more targeted solutions to help enterprises solve problems and protect operations."

Earlier, President Xi Jinping also stressed it is necessary to accelerate the establishment of information security system for critical infrastructure, and enhance network security defense and deterrence capabilities. According to the Plan, the orientation of industrial control system information security should aim to “One Network & One Library & Three Platforms” (national online monitoring network, emergency resource library, safety simulation test platform, Information sharing platform and Information notification platform).

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