SUPCON APC Facilitates Process Automation and Consumption Reduction for Hubei Sanning

Aug 19, SUPCON has accomplished the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) of the methanol rectification plant APC (Advanced Process Control) project of Hubei Sanning Co., Ltd.


The methanol rectification plant APC project started implementation in November 2016, and went into commissioning in April 2017. After about 4 months of stable operation, the management and operators all witnessed the outstanding performance of the system, which has enhanced the automation of the units, released unnecessary manual labor, and promoted production efficiency dramatically. Most importantly, the methanol quality index is improved by 0.9% since the APC system has solved the chronic problem of the rectification unit, that is steam pressure fluctuation, via intelligent prediction of load variables and accurate acquisition of temperature. Meanwhile, the standard deviation of crucial process is lowered by over 40%; the steam consumption is cut down by 4%; the power consumption is reduced by 6.99%.


The success of this project has strengthened Hubei Sannings confidence and determination to generalize the application of SUPCON APC in its other plants and build an intelligent plant with SUPCON products and solutions. As the top 100 Chemical enterprise, Hubei Sanning has a strong capacity of various chemical fertilizer, acid, briquette, caprolactam, etc. SUPCON is confident to help drive their automation operation and production effectiveness with advanced products, solutions and service.


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