SUPCON Gets Recognition in SINOPEC Zhongtian Hechuang Large Scale Coal to Olefin Intelligent Plant

July 20-21, Large Scale Coal to Olefin Processing Automation Seminar was successfully held in SINOPEC Zhongtian Hechuang Ordos HQ. Over 20 experts and representatives from various stages of the coal chemical industry chain attended with their insights.


Professor Chu Jian, the founder of SUPCON, delivered a speech expressing a firm determination to offer better automation products and solutions. Professor Chu said more inputs will go to research in total automation solution, industry data application and industry network security. Intelligent plant solution will cover more comprehensive and fine service integrating latest technologies such as AI, IoT, and massive data. SUPCON will be always dedicated in creating values for customers and leading to strive for excellence in the industry.


Many of the attendees are important customers of SUPCON, and a lot of feedback was collected. Mr Wang Yugang, the Deputy Chief Engineer of SINOPEC Zhongtian Hechuang Ordos coal to olefin project, highly complimented SUPCONs DCS product ECS-700 for its accurate control and stable performance.


This project is not only the first coal chemical project self-built by SINOPEC, but also one of world's largest integrated coal chemical plant, which brought great pressure to both SINOPEC and SUPCON at the beginning. But during the last 3 years of research, implementation and commissioning, the project witnessed the smooth operation of SUPCON DCS and the professional service of SUPCON team. Especially the stable performance of ECS-700 in two high pressure polyethylene units gave all great confidence.


Many engineering designers from SINOPEC also shared their insights on the performance and improvement prospect of ECS-700. The third-party system communication and fast control loop were particularly spoke highly of. They said the full success of ECS-700 in this project indicates that domestic DCS products and service have reached a high standard of its international leading competitors, who used to be the preferred supplier of SINOPEC. This is a significant breakthrough for SUPCON, and also an inspiration to Chinas domestic automation industry.


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