SUPCON Supplies Automation Solution for National Coal to Ethanediol Project

Sep 10, SUPCON signed automation solution & product supply contract with Inner Mongolia Huiteng Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. for the 600,000t/a coal to SNG to ethanediol Phase I project.


It is one of the strategic energy reserve projects licensed by China National Energy Bureau. Phase I is a 600 million CBM SNG project, applying 3,000t/d dry pulverized coal entrained-flow gasifier, low temperature methanol purification, Davy methanation technology and SASPG LNG process.


The I/O points of DCS and SIS are over 13,000 and 2,120 respectively, and that of GDS surpasses 190, requiring high reliability and stability. After a full communication with the end user and meticulous study, SUPCON experts proposed a total plant automation solution, which adopts SUPCON self developed ECS-700 DCS, TCS-900 SIS, HD series safety barrier and CXT series transmitter.




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