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SUPCON Helps SINOPEC Beihai Refinery Resolve Emergency Failure

Early before dawn at May 8, SUPCON’s on-site maintenance engineers quickly responded to an emergency fault in the operator station of squeezing granulator and successfully helped SINOPEC Beihai Refinery avoid probable damages. 


Soon after the failure notice, an engineer team of SUPCON and Beihai Refinery arrived at the spot. The failure cause was detected as a physical fault the touch screen by a German brand.


Considering there were no spare parts available at the plant, the team worked out two emergency plans: firstly, to evaluate the feasibility and details of setting up a temporary operator station, secondly, start emergency procurement of spare parts.


Next, in less than one day, SUPCON engineers completed the installation, configuration and debugging of a backup computer to replace the faulty one. When it started running, the threat of danger was finally passed.


In this accident, both SUPCON’s dedication spirit and product functionality were appreciated by the user, as commented by one operator at site, “the new operator station is more convenient and easy to use than the original touch screen.”

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