SUPCON Supports Eastern Route of Russia-China Gas Pipeline (Northern Section)

Recently, construction of the northern section of the China-Russia East-Route natural gas pipeline was completed successfully. The northern part of the project stretches for 1,067 kilometers from the city of Heihe in Heilongjiang Province to Changling County in Jilin Province. SUPCON GCS series PLC, TCS series ESD and Compressor Control System were adopted in the project.

The whole eastern route runs 3371 kilometers from the Kovykta Gas Field in Irkutsk Oblast of East Siberia and the Chayanda Gas Field in the Sakha Republic, enters China at the Russia-China border at Heihe, Heilongjiang Province, and end in Shanghai. It is one of the underpinning projects of China's Belt and Road Initiative, which has set several records in China oil & gas pipelines, including the largest diameter, the highest pressure, and fully adopting of automatic welding for the whole line.

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