SUPCON Showcases Infrared Imagery Counting System at International E-business Expo 2015

Oct 30, SUPCON showcased its Infrared Imagery Counting System at the International E-business Expo 2015 in Hangzhou, China.

The event housed around 600 exhibiting companies, and attracted over 120,000 visitors from 28 countries and regions worldwide. It was aimed to provide a platform for sharing the prospective studies and latest achievements.

As a leading solution and service provider of process automation and new technologies, SUPCON was invited to showcase its Infrared Imagery Counting System at the expo.

The system was designed on the infrared thermal imaging principle to realize real-time computing of regional traffic density, stranded crowd number, and entrance visitors flow rate through neural network technology and artificial intelligence technology (AIT). Its accuracy reaches to 97% even when the bidirectional traffic is more than 10 thousand people per hour.

The system provides a great help for intelligent traffic information management and transport scheduling command, winning much approval and praise among the visitors.

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