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SUPCON APC Solution Facilitates Process Optimization of SINOPEC Ten Million-tons Refining Project

November, SUPCON passed the APC (Advanced Process Control) project acceptance test of SINOPEC Yunnan Oil Products Company (YOPC) for the ten million-tons refining project.

The APC project for 8 key units was launched in September 2018, and delivered in 8 months. After put into use, it not only reduced the labor intensity of operators, but also improved the equipment performance stability, realizing remarkable consumption reduction of the processes.

Sinopec Yunnan Oil Products Company (YOPC) is one of the leading refineries in China. It currently has 13 oil depots (The total capacity is 380,000 cubic meters), 600 kilometers oil transportation pipeline, more than 1100 petrol stations, 600 “Ejoy” Convenience Stores. It possesses a total asset of RMB 10.2 billion.

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