Sinopec International Delegation Visit Hobré Headquarters

November 9, Mr. Chen Shengxin, Vice General Manager of China Petrochemical International (Ningbo) Co., Ltd, along with a delegation, visited the Hobré headquarters in Purmerend, the Netherlands. The purpose of the visit was to explore further cooperation and technical exchanges. Mr. Teo KimHock, Vice President of SUPCON, and Mr. Alco Geurtsen, Managing Director of Hobré, warmly welcomed and hosted the delegation.


The meeting commenced with discussions in the conference room where Mr. Teo KimHock introduced the business and operations of SUPCON and Hobré to the visitors. The Sinopec delegation showed keen interest in Hobré's latest RAMAN analyzer and engaged in in-depth discussions regarding its applications in environmental protection and decarbonization, exploring scenarios and advantages.


Subsequently, the delegation toured Hobré's production line and research facilities, gaining insights into Hobré's innovative technologies and solutions in the field of process industries.


During the tour, Hobré's technical experts presented the latest analytical instrument technologies, particularly innovative applications in environmental protection, process manufacturing, and the petrochemical industry. The delegation expressed high recognition for Hobré's technical capabilities in the field of analytical instruments and expressed anticipation for strengthening cooperation and further seeking collaboration overseas.


Mr. Chen stated that this visit has laid a solid foundation for cooperation between the two parties in the field of analytical instruments for the oil & gas industry. Both sides look forward to enhancing exchanges and collaboration in the future, promoting technological innovation, and jointly fostering sustainable development in the industry.

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