SUPCON Service to Ensure Long-Term Stable Operation for Users’ Plant

April 16, 7 technicians from SUPCON DCS Service Product Division started the point inspection service for the long-running DCS products in SINOPEC Wuhan Company.

The point inspection included a number of items to help SINOPEC Wuhan improve the reliability of DCS, reduce overall maintenance costs, prolong the service life of DCS, and acquire more production time, etc.

Units to be inspected: (11 sets of SUPCON DCS systems with totally 12,000 I/O points)
· 5,000,000t/a atmospheric-vacuum distillation unit
· 3,500,000t/a atmospheric and vacuum distillation, hydrocracking unit
· 1,900,000t/a kerosene, gasoline and diesel hydrogenation unit
· 1,200,000t/a delay coking unit and raw oil tank field
· No.1, 2, 3 steam turbine generators

· ...

Inspection items included:

· System function test and diagnosis, conducting comprehensive tests for
  system software, hardware and communication network;
· System operational environment detection, optimizing and improving;
· Backup and preservation of important data;
· Dust cleaning for the system and components;
· Replacement of consumables;
· General modification of system configuration;
· Same type system upgrading;
· Field issues handling and exchange of maintenance experience

· ...

It has been over 10 years since the first SUPCON DCS system was applied in SINOPEC Wuhan’s refinery plant. During these years, SUPCON has provided point inspection services for 4 times to create more value for SINOPEC Wuhan. This time, the service work will last for a whole month for a thorough inspection, ensuring long-term stable operation of the plant.

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