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SUPCON Facilitates Juhua Group Process Control & Optimization

SUPCON passed the APC (Advanced Process Control) project acceptance test of Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd for the hexafluoropropylene (1HFP) units covering reaction cracking unit, distillation separation unit, waste incineration unit and utilities.

From 2016 to 2018, Juhua Group offered 13 APC projects to SUPCON, including R22, TEC distillation, methanol distillation, 2/3HFP, ionic membrane caustic soda, R142b and 701(AHF) unit, etc. Up to now, all units have been commissioned. 

Aiming at the technical problem that cracking reaction unit is easy to burn out, the 1HFP project team developed expert controller to prevent cracking reaction under abnormal conditions. The safety of the equipment has been improved comprehensively. It makes the life time of the cracking furnace has been extended from 3 months to more than 9 months, and the frequency of maintenance has been reduced from 20 times a year to 5 times a year. 

Since the test run of the 1HFP APC system in April 2019, the steam consumption per unit product has decreased by 9.2%, power consumption decreased by 9.5%, and the proportion of excellent products has increased from 45% to 51%.

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