SUPCON Assists the Intellectualization?of Wynca Group?Methylchlorosilane Unit

Wynca Group officially passed acceptance test of the intelligent control project for their methylchlorosilane (MCS) unit in Mamu Plant after 3 months of commissioning since this March.


MCS is a core unit in the silicone industry. The control of MCS unit has many difficulties using traditional modeling methods, such as variable operating conditions, time-varying process, delayed process state, complex source of raw materials, unknown mechanism of synthesis reaction, less key information and etc. With the integration of AI, process mechanism, process control theory, SUPCON has overcome the technical difficulties and successfully developed the intelligent total solution for MCS unit.


This project is a major breakthrough of AI technology in the control of complex units in the silicone industry. Main achievements include:

· Improved the stability of key indicators and reduced the volatility by 30%;

· Effectively reduce the operating frequency and the labor intensity, of which the operating frequency of the primary control means reduced by 40%, the secondary control means reduced by 88%.

· Significantly reduce the decreasing rate of control parameters from 1℃ per 6 hours to 1℃ per 10 hours. The control parameter is over 10℃ higher than the traditional manual control during plant shutdown, which could lengthen the start-up preparation time.

· Ensure MCS production by 50kg/h increase, and reduce the difficulty of the whole cycle control.

· Quickly understand the cause of production problems, real-time calculation and tracking, assist technicians to control and stabilize the whole production process.

· Provide operators with direction and quantitative reference, improve their operational level and consistency, and reduce the operational differences caused by personal subjectivity.

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