Machinery Monitor System
In the actual industrial production, one enterprise will use multiple types of equipment, and the failure of these equipment will lead to major economic losses, or even major production accidents, so the equipment fault monitoring and early warning system based on the data of equipment running state is very important for the continuous safety production of enterprises.
SUPCON Machinery Monitor System builds a complete, unified condition monitoring, diagnosis and management platform for different types of equipment.The platform brings new equipment management mode for enterprises, realize remote status monitoring and diagnosis, spare parts IoT management, low-cost and high efficient operation and maintenance management.The system is mainly composed of the following modules:Dynamic sensor, Data collector, Data application manager, Remote status monitoring diagnostic software.
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Pump condition monitoring system
The system will first collect and detect the axial vibration, radial vibration and other key parameters of the pump, then through the integrated platform of wired monitoring, wireless monitoring and offline inspection of motor and pump, real-time monitoring, early warning and inspection processing can be implemented for common faults during the operation of motor and pump equipment, such as loosening of anchor bolts, excessive bearing clearance or oil shortage, bending of pump shaft, pump pumping and overload operation.
Rotating equipment condition monitoring system
The system collects the key parameters such as axial displacement, radial vibration in real time, and transmits the data to the data collector and application manager, so as to conduct real-time monitoring and analysis of the operating conditions of the equipment and form important data such as historical trend, analysis spectrum and alarm information.
Reciprocator status monitoring
The system provides sensors, safety barrier, data collector, application server and related software systems required for monitoring, which can analyze and diagnose all kinds of anomalies in the operation process of equipment in real time online, and make decision suggestions for equipment maintenance.
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