SUPCON Wins High-end Lithium-ion Battery Addictive LiPF6 Project

SUPCON successfully signed the contract of lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6, a new high-end additive for lithium-ion batteries) project with Do-Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd (hereafter “Do-Fluoride”).

LiPF6 is an irreplaceable lithium ion battery electrolyte in recent years; it is mainly used in lithium-ion power batteries, lithium-ion storage batteries and other daily use batteries.

The production technology of this project requires high control precision, and a constant temperature, pressure and dust-free environment. It will use SUPCON Webfield® ECS-700 DCS control system, with totally 2 cabinet rooms, 2 operating rooms, 8 control stations, 12 heterogeneous communication equipment, and over 7,000 I/O points. The production capacity (3000 tons per set) is currently China's largest single unit capacity.

Do-Fluorid, established in 1999, is a new high-tech enterprise whose business scope mainly includes R&D, production and sale of high-performance inorganic fluoride salts, electronic grade chemicals, lithium-ion battery materials, new energy automobiles. It is NO.1 listed company in the inorganic fluoride chemical industry in China.

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