SUPCON “Insight” Empower Chinese New Year Travel Rush

Millions of people are hurrying home as the Chinese New Year approaches, to deal with the heavy traffic pressure, especially the railway, highway transportation, Hangzhou Traffic Comprehensive Information Center had launched a Spring Festival Platform which is designed and implemented by SUPCON Information. This platform not only integrates all urban information, also accesses the information of heavy vehicle detection equipment and 10 water level monitoring points on 43 key bridges in and around Hangzhou City. 

Through the algorithm model calculation which is independently developed by SUPCON Information, all the real-time traffic data is analyzed by data processing engine to provide smart decision for the management center and guaranteed the normal traffic operation. 

In addition, Spring Festival Platform also added a new function called SUPCON Insight. It can accurately voice broadcast relevant traffic information, including the past hour of the entire city's traffic conditions; predict the traffic peak that may happen in the next 6 hours and the possible impact of extreme weather. What's more, it can give corresponding suggestions to various potential problems. SUPCON "Insight" make the fullest of the power of cloud computing and data analysis, lifting "decision support" ability to a new level.

SUPCON "insight" helps to control the overall situation more easily and helps the public to travel more efficiently and safely during the Chinese New Year Travel Rush.

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