Operator Training System
Operator Training System

Operator Training System (OTS) is a comprehensive operator training system based on the simulation of your real plant, allowing plant operators get both theory and practice training ahead of start-up and afterwards throughout the plant lifecycle. It enables know-how gaining in an off-line and non-intrusive way without impact on your real plant but with a realistic experience, which is especially significant for those industries who are heavily concerned about risks control, environment protection and energy saving, etc.

training management platform
=how you expect operator training
Trainee Station Instructor Station Operation Evaluation Physical Operation 3D & VR Experience
  • scenario switching
  • operation acceleration/deceleration, display/replay
  • initial condition loading/save
  • score analysis
  • operation guide & procedure instructions
  • online help
  • screen sharing/record
  • Q&A
  • authority management
  • training plan management
  • training scenario management
  • examination management
  • Malfunctions intervention
  • test reports generating/export
OTS provides sophisticated operation performance evaluation featured with Malfunctions
Managementand Automated Scoring.
background konwledge
operation quality
handling ability
Malfunctions intervention management software is to enrich the diversity of operation scenario during training or examination . It allows instructors to make specific changes of the process variables, trigger temporary failures and emergencies at secific time and occurrence conditions for trainees of different training levels.
Automated scoring software provides objectively and precisely calculated evaluation of the trainee skills driven by scoring steps and scoring factors comprehensively based on different training scenarios and corresponding operation procedures and practice.
Flexible Optional Approaches
meeting your budget and demand:
① Actual operation on the training infrastructures built according to the actual or simplified site
② Virtual operation on the simulation software on the mobile device connected to the actual site
Intuitive understanding of the actual site
Physical operation practice
Process operation and field operation joint training
As 3D visualization and VR technology keep evolving, virtual environments are
allowed to be more realistic. which can give operators more immensive experience and enables more
intuitive perception.
Maintenance Training
Process Learning
Emergency Drill
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