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SUPCON Supports the Opening of Hangzhou Metro Line 4

Jan 9, Hangzhou Metro Line 4 went into trial operation officially. As the contractor of the metro line’s integrated supervisory control system and public security communication system, SUPCON was highly recognized by the operating department and security department of the user.

The integrated supervisory control system has realized the information integration of different systems including environment & facilities monitoring system, fire alarm system and access control system, thus simplifies overall information management of the metro line.

The public security communication system supports a stable real-time intercommunication by providing wireless talkback system, camera monitoring system, video conference system, LCD screen unit and online public security data network, etc.

Hangzhou Metro Line 4 integrates the two districts across Qiantang River in Hangzhou. It will relieve the traffic pressure of Qiantang River bridges significantly and facilitate the connectivity between these districts.


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