SUPCON Wins the Synthetic Ammonia Unit OTS Project of Henan Golden Earth Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Nov 27, SUPCON won the synthetic ammonia unit OTS (Operator Training System) project of Henan Golden Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. To react to the environmental governance policy, Golden Earth Chemical replaced their traditional gasifier to Jinhua Boiler, so as to cut the consumption of water, power and emission of waste water, waste gas, waste solids to a great extent.


This project will be another great reference for SUPCON OTS in coal-chemical industry since it is the first synthetic ammonia unit adopting Jinhua Boiler. Jinhua Boiler is the most advanced gasification boiler to gasify the low-rank coal with high sulfur content, high powder content, and high melting point in a highly efficient way. It first successfully integrates coal-water slurry gasifier, membrane wall, radiant steam generator, and chilling process in the world.


To eliminate the risk of maloperation on the brand new units and help the operators enjoy a bumpless transition to the new technique, SUPCON OTS team offered a comprehensive solution, in particular covering a simulation operation system from start up to shut down according to the specific process, highlighting emergency handling drill, and a comprehensive operator evaluation system providing personnel selection advice before commissioning.



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