SUPCON APC Facilitates Zhejiang Jianye Chemical 30,000 t/a Ethylamine Unit Project

Zhejiang Jianye Chemical completed the acceptance test of SUPCON Advanced Process Control solution (APC) adopted in the 30,000 t/a ethylamine unit.

Founded in 1958, Zhejiang Jianye Chemical is one of the largest and most complete organic amine production enterprises in China. Fatty amine, as an organic derivative of ammonia, is an important synthetic raw material for many chemical products and is widely used in the downstream industries such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, coatings, catalysts, etc.

The unit consists of the synthesis process and the separation process. It is a typical multi-variable production process with long process flow, multiple equipment and multiple circulation of materials. After commissioning, the labor intensity of operators was greatly reduced, and the operating frequency was reduced from 4,656 times /5 days to 2 times /5 days. 

In April, based on the good result of this project, Zhejiang Jianye Chemical offered SUPCON five more sets of APC contract, including 20,000 t/a isopropylamine unit, 20,000 t/a ethylamine unit, 7,500t/a butylamine unit, 2,5000 t/a n-propylamine unit and 30,000 t/a acetic acid unit. With mutual trust, Zhejiang Jianye Chemical and SUPCON will jointly explore a new path to promote a more efficient, refined and intelligent production mode for organic amine industry.

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