Empowering High-Quality Development - SUPCON at China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference

September 18-20, 2019, the 10th China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference (CPCIC) themed as "Empowering High-Quality Development", took place in Hangzhou. During which International Production Capacity Cooperation Plenary Session was held. Many business leaders, experts from academic institutions and international organizations from all over the world shared their insightsempowering strategic decision making, thus to help leaders better prepared for challenges as well as opportunities facing the petroleum and chemical industry.

SUPCON’s founder Professor Chu Jian attend the CEO round-table of world’s Top 100 companies. “Safe, Green, Efficient, Quality-improving and Cost-cutting are the Top-five priorities of manufacturing. Realizing the five goals calls for a combination of five technologies with Process Technology (PT), Equipment Technology (ET), Operation Technology (OT), Automation Technology (AT) and Information Technology (IT).” Professor Chu explained, “Focus on these five goals and enterprises’ needs, SUPCON INPLANT offers the entire automation lifecycle digital transformation solution, including assessment, consultation, integration, implementation and data services, aiming to help enterprises of different scales and development stages put digital transformation into practice.”

SUPCON’s CEO Mr. Cui Shan, as a keynote speaker, gave a speech New Paradigm of Digital Transformation for Petrochemical Enterprises. “Construction of industrial operation system and development of industrial software are the keys of process industry. SupOS with its Industrial APPs is to empower the digitalization transformation of petrochemical enterprises and offer them sustainable growth prospects benefiting from high efficient, energy-saving, safe and smart plants.”

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