SUPCON Information Company Receives CMMI 5 Certificate

Sep 7, Zhejiang SUPCON Information Technology Co., Ltd. received the CMMI 5  (Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 5) certificate, becoming the 2nd SUPCON subsidiary that receives this certificate after Zhejiang SUPCON Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2014 (more information).

CMMI is a process improvement training and appraisal program and service that administered and marketed by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). CMMI 5 is the highest maturity level among the 5 levels of the framework. It emphasizes a close combination between the company’s strategy and R&D process beside rigorous process control of software’s lifecycle development. 

This achievement recognizes SUPCON for best-in-class related to software technology and R&D strength.

“SUPCON has established a complete R&D management system based on the CMMI 5; we will strive to improve the product quality, R&D efficiency and operation effectiveness for our colleagues and customers”, said Zhang Rufeng, President of SUPCON Information Company.

The system establishes a continuous process improvement and ability enhancement R&D mechanism, using statistical analysis technology to quantitative project management. It continuously collects and analyses effective data during the R&D process with scientific measurement technology, statistical analysis technology and predictive technology model, etc., to prevent defects and risks and ensure the implementation for continual improvement.

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