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SUPCON Technology and China University of Geosciences Jointly Build the Future Technology Institute

October 28, SUPCON and China University of Geosciences (CUG), held the opening ceremony of the co-constructed Future Technology Institute & Basic LaboratoryMrs. Huang Xiaomei, Party Secretary of CUG, Mr. Wang Hua, Vice President of CUG, Mr. Wu Min, Dean of Future Technology Institute, Professor Chu Jian, Founder of SUPCON, Mr. George Cui, CEO of SUPCON, and Mr. Shi Ying, Vice President of SUPCON attended the ceremony.


SUPCON and CUG have reached an significant cooperation intention on the school construction, laboratory equipment donation and scholarship donation, in order to facilitate the vigorous development of basic technology education. 


"Guided by future technological development direction, we will cooperate sincerely, give full play to our respective advantages, share resources, integrate production and education, and create a new model of school-enterprise cooperation." said by Mr. Wang Hua, Vice President of CUG. 


“The innovative mode of strategic cooperation between SUPCON and CUG is not only the strategic need of higher education innovation, but also the fuel of industrial development. It is hoped that both sides will take this opportunity to strengthen scientific research, personnel training, academic exchange and teaching practice, and combine the domestic first-class technology company possessing years of industry accumulation and advanced hardware software with the excellent scientific research strength of CUG.”said by Mr. George Cui, CEO of SUPCON. 


“The advent of the "digital" era has set off a new wave of industrial development. The "dual transformation" of digitalization and sustainable development of each major industry urgently needs a large number of high-tech talents as intelligent support. The industry, universities and research institutes needs more innovation, and deepened cooperation between schools and enterprises. The cooperation between SUPCON and CUG has great potential.”said Professor Chu Jian, Founder of SUPCON.


“This opportunity is of great significance for the integration and sharing of school-enterprise superior resources. It is hoped that the two sides will form a pattern of in-depth, wide-ranging and all-round cooperation in the near future.”said by Mrs. Huang Xiaomei, Party Secretary of CUG.


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