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SUPCON Intelligent Transit Solution Relieves Traffic Pressure of Yuhang City

End of 2018, Yuhang city intelligent transit project phase I implemented by SUPCON Information LTD passed acceptance test and won consensus compliment of the experts present at the acceptance test site. In particular, the real-time dynamic guide, data-based intelligent traffic signal and special vehicle priority authorization help to achieve more than traffic efficiency, and also societal security.


Yuhang, the northwest district of HANGZHOU, the south end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the core of the Yangtze River Delta, has been a prosperous bustling region since the ancient time. In recent years, the internet enterprises, including the international giant Alibaba Group, have attracted large populations and put heavier burden to traffic. Since the intelligent transit solution was successfully put into operation, the district’s peak time congestion rate had been reduced by 11%, and the off-peak time 7%.



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