SUPCON & AVIC INTL Beijing to Cooperate for International Market Development

August 6, SUPCON signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AVIC International Beijing Company Limited (AVIC INTL Beijing). Mr. Gong Jiayan, Chairman of AVIC INTL Beijing, Mr. Shen Hui, Senior VP of SUPCON and the senior management team attended the signing ceremony. 

Found in 1992, AVIC INTL Beijing as a wholly owned subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTL), invests and operates in more than 10 countries and regions across the world. As a general contractor, it has rich experience and strong capabilities for international engineering projects in a wide range of businesses including cement engineering, petrochemical engineering, electromechanical engineering, and import & export of heavy equipment. 

“Our partnership with SUPCON is a perfect fit with our company philosophy of offering highest quality and latest product innovation. This cooperation will strongly complement our current offering of market leading brands.” said by Mr. Gong Jiayan. 

Through this corporation, SUPCON & AVIC INTL Beijing will explore advantages and potential for cooperation, share information and opportunities, so as to elevate bilateral cooperation to a higher level. 

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