SUPCON Contributed to China's First Model Project of Island "Green Hydrogen" Integrated Energy

As one of the most important renewable energy, hydrogen energy has the characteristics of being "green and pollution-free, high energy density, low operation & maintenance cost, and long storage time", which is an essential part of developing efficient clean energy and building a low-carbon energy system. In the "Taizhou Dachen Island Hydrogen Utilization Model Project" cooperated by SUPCON and State Grid Corporation of China, the SUPCON DCS system is applied to the multi-energy interconnection system for the first time, helping to change the energy utilization mode to the "clean and low-carbon" trend.



Pic.1 High-pressure hydrogen storage tank

Dachen Island has problems such as the lack of fossil fuels, the mismatch of wind resources and electricity load, etc. The project relies on the existing wind power to build a fuel-cell-based hydrogen power generation and heating system, and construct an integrated energy utilization system of "wind power - hydrogen production - hydrogen storage - fuel cell combined heat & power supply/fuel cell vehicle hydrogen refueling station". The system mainly consists of the electrolytic water hydrogen production system, hydrogen storage and refueling system, fuel cell system, thermal management system, control and protection system, etc. The ECS-700 control system provided by SUPCON is responsible for coordinating and controlling all sub-systems, enabling the users to have an overall view of the project. Meanwhile, the hydrogen fuel cell power generation system jointly developed by SUPCON and SPIC HYDROGEN ENERGY TECH can realize flexible modular combination applications in the long term to adapt to various scale deployments. The oxygen generated in the process of hydrogen production can be used for the mariculture industry, which can enhance the local absorptive capacity of renewable energy and create a new sample of the green island power grid.


Pic.2 Multi-energy interconnection supported by electricity and hydrogen energy

After the success of the hydrogen utilization model project on Dachen Island, SUPCON will take the opportunity to achieve the goal of faster and more efficient deployment of the skid-mounted site, as well as remote and unmanned deployment. Furthermore, the overall solution for hydrogen utilization in Dachen Island is the first attempt at the mature products of SUPCON in the emerging industry. In the future, SUPCON will persist in polishing the solutions, upgrading the production systems, and improving the user experience to contribute to green and sustainable energy development.

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