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SUPCON Assists Sanning Chemical in Constructing a Green Plant Lighthouse on the Yangtze River

Leveraging its expertise, SUPCON has successfully aided Sanning Chemical in constructing a cutting-edge central control platform, characterized by comprehensive intelligence. This platform, underpinned by a dependable and secure field data acquisition model, ensures efficient oversight across the entire production chain. Its innovative Industrial Operating System, coupled with an APPs architecture, facilitates the seamless integration of diverse data streams, spanning production management and business operations, thereby eliminating data silos among disparate systems.


By integrating advanced technologies, such as mechanism modeling and big data analysis, into the production processes, SUPCON has enabled loop optimization, intelligent control, and operational enhancement at Sanning Chemical. These efforts have bolstered the plant’s infrastructural intelligence and energy efficiency, leading to reduced emissions and progress towards carbon neutrality goals. Ultimately, this collaboration has resulted in the realization of a green intelligent plant, setting a benchmark in sustainable industrial practices.


Furthermore, SUPCON’s digital management solutions have played a pivotal role in constructing Sanning Chemical’s safety defense lines. Through predictive diagnostics for rotating machinery, which integrate Equipment Technology (ET), Information Technology (IT), and Operational Technology (OT), the plant utilizes big data to optimize maintenance strategies and precisely identify machines requiring attention. This approach has significantly enhanced equipment uptime, productivity, and product quality, ensuring the plant’s smooth and efficient operation.

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