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SUPCON Supports the Evening Gala for G20 Summit
Staged with the majestic West Lake as its background, the evening gala of G20 Summit was opened to 35 leaders of world’s major economies and organizations.

The gala is based on "Impression of West Lake" show, a spectacular performance that takes place right on the surface of the lake, combining music, dance, and light effects all against a natural backdrop.

SUPCON was honored to provide the stage lifting control, spray control system control, lighting controls etc., to guarantee the successful operation of this gala.

Beneath the beautiful scene, a huge building capable of supporting over 300 people dancing at the same time, is hidden under the West Lake. SUPCON project team has to ensure that each part of this world's largest underwater lift stage to maintains its 3cm distance to the surface of the water, so as to guarantee the dancers’ safety and a successfully gala.

According to the time requirement, SUPCON team needed to reprogram the whole project and finish the data setting within a week. The original systems have run for over 10 years and its settings data was lost, which brought difficulties to the upgrading.  “This project is difficult, with tight time and heavy tasks, but SUPCON has made an excellent work as they always do.” said by a gala organizer.

As China’s No.1 DCS provider and a leader in new technologies, SUPCON is always trusted by its customers. This time for G20 Summit, SUPCON has undertaken over 50 projects from infrastructure construction, smart city facilities to tourism and environmental protection to ensure the success of the summit.

SUPCON Supports the Evening Gala for G20 Summit
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