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NAMUR Annual Conference China 2022 was Successfully Held

-- SUPCON Became the First Exclusive Sponsor as a Chinese Company

Oct. 26-27, NAMUR Annual Conference China 2022 with the theme of "Techno-Fusion - Creating New Value for Process Industry" was held in Shanghai. Nearly 200 professionals and industry experts from BASF, Bayer, Covestro, Evonik, Wacker, Wanhua, and etc. attended the conference. As the exclusive sponsor of the NAMUR Annual Conference China 2022, SUPCON is the first Chinese company to host the conference. The number of registrants for this year reached a new record high.

The conference started with an opening speech by Dai Xiaolong, Head of the NAMUR China Core Team and Head of the Automation Competence Center of BASF-YPC Company Ltd. After then, Tobias Schlichtmann, Senior Vice President of BASF SE &Technical Expertise, and Emanuel Trunzer, member of the NAMUR working group, shared their topics via an online session. Tobias Schlichtmann presented the latest developments in NAMUR and Dr. Emanuel Trunzer focused on the latest applications of APL.

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SUPCON mainly focused on themes of 5T Fusion, New-generation of Intelligent Operation Management & Control System, APL, NOA, MTP, Open and Shared New-generation Asset Performance Management, Industrial Intrinsic Safety, OT Classified Protection Assessment and many other technologies, products, and solutions to share and dialogue with international counterparts.

George Cui Shan, Chairman & CEO of SUPCON, gave a keynote report, pointing out that the resilience and sustainability of the process industry in the post-COVID era have become the key points for corporate survival. Technology integration with industry integration has become an inevitable trend in the development of the process industry. Through the integration of technologies from different fields, industries, and professions, a deep chemical fusion can occur to give rise to new revolutionary technologies and promote industrial development.

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Wu Yucheng, the President Assistant of SUPCON & President of the 5T Technology Department, pointed out that 5T, namely AT (Automation Technology), IT (Information Technology), PT (Process Technology), OT (Operation Technology), and ET (Equipment Technology), is essentially a new form of technology to help customers succeed, which can effectively solve problems that cannot be solved by a single technology to redefine and reshape new business scenarios. 

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As the Chief Engineer of Industrial Software of SUPCON, Gu Yong shared his thoughts on the new generation of open and shared asset performance management. He emphasized the importance of Asset Performance Management(APM) and pointed out that SUPCON's new generation of open and shared APM is an asset management solution that follows international standards. Wang Changzheng, Technical Director of Intelligent Monitoring of SUPCON, shared the i-OMC System which is an exploration and wisdom of a new generation of operation management & control system. The system is dedicated to achieving a major innovation and upgrade of the process industry from traditional automation to intelligent and autonomy operation and has already been applied in many industry benchmark enterprises. In addition, Wei Chuan, President of Petrochemical Industry Solutions, shared SUPCON's thoughts and practices on intelligent applications enhancing intrinsic safety.

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Members of the NAMUR working group from Covestro, BASF, and Evonik, and experts attending the conference also shared their views on the unlicensed wireless network, factory energy management and energy management systems(EMS), maintenance digitalization in the chemical industry, heterogeneous network and IT/OT integration, selection & application for diesel generator, explosion safety in PAT container, qualified device list for SIS application and classified protection of 2.0, etc.

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During the conference, NAMUR and SUPCON jointly held a media talk with Dr. Felix Hanisch (Chairman of the Board of Directors of NAMUR), Mr. Tobias Schlichtmann, Ms. Christine Oro Saavedra (General Manager of NAMUR), Mr. Dai Xiaolong, Mr. Wang Haitao (Member of NAMUR China Core Team), Mr. George Cui Shan and Dr. Wu Yucheng who attended the meeting and answered the joint interviews of four media outlets: gongkong, PROCESS, Cailian News Agency, and 21st CENTURY BUSINESS HERALD. Due to COVID-19, the interviews of the three German executives were conducted by online video link.

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Chairman Felix Hanisch said that he was looking forward to more cooperation and communication with SUPCON in the future. SUPCON will always accompany the high-quality development of the process industry and create new values for process industry enterprises through the integration of technologies. SUPCON also hopes to join hands with all industry partners to create a new future.

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