SUPCON Maintenance Secures the Benefit of Xinneng Energy Co., Ltd.

July 19, SUPCON completed the 11-day installation maintenance for Xinneng Energy Co., Ltd. Five engineers from SUPCON technical support team conducted a comprehensive test and upgrade of the ECS-100 DCS of 1#, 2#, 3# boiler unit, steam turbine unit, denitrification and fine grinding unit.


With a thorough and orderly scheme, SUPCON technical team has timely accomplished the all-round maintenance of software and hardware, accuracy and function test of I/O modules, testing  and optimization of operating environment, covering the migration of several controllers, upgrading of operation stations, OPC communication and SOE system, replace of all 40 network cables, and many aging modules.


All ranges of detailed problems and potential risks have been detected and extinguished immediately, thus the scheduled start-up was perfectly guarenteed. In addition, our technical team has given systematic training of the daily maintenance and use of upgraded functions. The  maintenance service has helped secure the customer value as what we always take as a priority.




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